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9 Awards at the 2023 Street of Dreams

Since 1975, the Street of Dreams has been the premier home and lifestyle event of the Northwest, featuring the best in residential construction and design. Each show home is a reflection of the unique and professional talents of builders, interior designers, craftspeople, and landscape architects. As one would expect, Street of Dreams 2023 did not disappoint, featuring a spectacular array of homes.

This year, in partnership with LUXE Forbes Global Properties, and the Home Builders Association of the greater Portland Metro area, the Teal Point team debuted a hallmark example of the brand. Their custom build, christened the Hawk's View, is timeless, tasteful, and elegant. Not only did the home wow industry types, press, and guests, it also left a sterling impression with the judges.

Street of Dream's build the Hawk's View by Teal Point Custom Homes

Teal Point Custom Homes walked away with a show-stopping 9 awards at this year's Street of Dreams; including Best of Show, Best Architecture, (thanks to the 16 year in-house expertise and craft of Summit Ridge Architecture), Best Interior Design, Best Landscaping, and more. (See the full list of accolades here.) However, the biggest win? Inspiring over 60,000 wide-eyed visitors that were able to see this masterpiece in person.

The greatest gift of a custom build, is the ability to inspire and create. Inspire joy. Inspire community. Inspire rest and recharge. When you create a safe place for all of these things a house becomes a home. That is what makes Teal Point special, and what was exceptionally fulfilling in the 2023 Street of Dreams. Not only will a very happy family move into this custom build in September; Teal Point got to share a little bit of that magic with all of their guests.

Builders Wynne and Chomo of Teal Point Custom Homes at Street of Dreams.

"A huge congrats goes out to all our fellow builders at this year's Street of Dreams. Most importantly, special thanks goes out to everyone on the team that makes Teal Point the legacy builders that we are. Your talent, loyalty, and dedication does not go without notice."

When you work with Teal Point, whether it is creating a home, (or moving into it), you are part of the family. As a legacy builder, we have been in the business of building custom homes for over five decades. Skill is part of it, and passion is another; but the biggest part is the unfailing relationships and collective effort of a team that works like a family.

"We look forward to building our next home and the relationships that it brings with it."


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