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One part deco. One part Hamptons-Modern. Equal parts fabulous.

Updated: Oct 22, 2023

When envisioning the perfect home, different elements come to mind for different people. Maybe you're a mid-century clean-line fanatic. A Bohemian chic enthusiast, or even a *gasp* California Modern afficiantato. The beauty of custom means that there's a space and place for your chosen aesthetic, whatever that may be.

Trends and preferences wax and wane; however the classic decadence of Deco carries a timeless appeal that even the most discerning type can appreciate. So what happens when you fold that into the light and airy elegance of the Hamptons and sprinkle in a touch of clean modern aesthetic? Meet the newest build of Teal Point Custom Homes.

A Classic brick exterior with a white-washed modern update. Elegant exterior arches that grace accent windows on the front exterior facade. Sweeping arches inside which draw the eye through the home and extenuate thoughtful detail. Chic black windows—a modern touch—create a monochromatic touch carried through the home, culminating in Deco-inspired diamond check floors in the kitchen.

Color play and whimsy are another important feature of the home. The interior lends itself to sumptuous and lux features in rich complimentary colors. Rich emerald paired with modern, rotary-cut, white oak on floors and even accenting ceilings. The noted, black and white monochromatic, (from the outside in). Finally, rich jewel tones and complimentary neutrals found throughout the bathroom spaces, coupled with luxe mixed metal finishes throughout.

This house is spacious without sacrificing intimacy. At over 3,000 sq ft, the residence features a luxurious kitchen, (and prep kitchen), four bedrooms, five baths, and even a 3 car garage and fabulous covered outdoor living space. The location provides easy access to everything Boise, in a quiet community in the Hills. The home's placement affords stunning views, with windows perfectly appointed to spill dreamy, rays into every room.

This custom home by Teal Point Custom Homes marries together the best of both worlds—like a fine vintage wine, that still has a crisp bite. It's a place where function and elegance reign supreme. This bright, brick, statement home in the Boise Hills will stand the test of time and trends, only growing more elegant and stately with each passing year.


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